It seems like each month goes by faster and yet somehow, each day goes by slower. Tomorrow is already Halloween, the end of October is upon us! Soon, those 90-degree temperatures will have Christmas music playing in the background. Before it, all slips away, here are some fun, inexpensive, and pandemic-mindful ways to spend Halloween 2020, day, and evening.

Saturday 2 p.m. – 5 p.m.

BOO-THRU | Apache Junction

Drive to candy stations! Trick or Treat in costume without having to leave the car.

Did you know that this October there are 2 full moons? And the second one is on HALLOWEEN?!

That’s right, just when you thought 2020 couldn’t get any freakier, we come to find that an occurrence that only takes place every 18 or so years, is happening tomorrow night.

Things to do while looking at the full moon

Go to to see what time the moon is set to rise over your location.

Check out the Star Walk 2, free app.

Calibrate your location to see what stars and planets are right above you and their constellation images are beautiful just don’t forget to look up!


Treats to enjoy with the full moon

Whip up some Butterbeer!

It’s not just for wizards, or adults, you know. Butterbeer isn’t beer at all!

Harry Potter Butterbeer and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter From Fav Family RecipesĀ 

Make Popcorn Balls!

Popcorn balls are simple, inexpensive, and you can customize them easily. They are also portable!

Whatever you do, be sure to stay safe and enjoy your free candy! See you at the Boo-Thru!


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